Key to a Happy Family: Analyzing the Family Psychology

Family Psychology
Family Psychology

Nowadays, the number of family psychologists is increasing. It is necessary to understand and incorporate ideal interpersonal system in families, in order to develop an atmosphere of peace and understanding among the members. Communication gaps, due to increasing use of modern technology and rising influence of social media, should also be bridged. Parent figures feel the need to address the social and psychological issues faced by families.  Some of these common issues are:

  1. Behaviors of Adolescent Kids: While going through puberty, kids face a lot of changes and challenges, physically and mentally. Some develop complexes while others are bullied at school and are unable to develop positive social bonds with others. This heavily reflects on their family life as they try to find someone to put the blame on for their misery. Some kids block everyone out while some develop self-destructive habits.
  2. Separation of Parents: The alarmingly high divorce rates are no news and while parents might consider divorce for a number of reasons, these decisions have a very adverse effect on the kids who see their parents as inseparable and do not want to pick sides. It is a strong deterrent to achieving family peace and happiness and has a traumatic effect, not only on the parents but also on the kids at a very young age.
  • Social Media and Lack of Communication: This worriment is no longer associated with teenagers and kids only. Social media has taken over the lives of every member of a family. Except for the toddlers maybe. The consequences of this are severe lack of communication and understanding between parents and children.
  1. Incompetent Parenting: When parents don’t know how to be parents, the family will not know how to be a family. Lack of focus on issues and challenges faced by kids leads to a sense of isolation and deprivation among kids and can be a catalyst to many destructive habits.


However, these issues can be overcome and the key might lie in critical study of family psychology and sociology but before we do that let’s define psychology so that we can better understand the concept of family Psychology. Psychologists, who address the issues of all the members of a family collectively as well as individually, can make a huge difference.

Family Psychology – Tips to Make Your Family a Functional One

Following are some steps you can take to make sure your family is a happy one:

Consult a Family Psychologist.

Keeping in mind that finding the best psychologist doesn’t necessarily mean googling a list of top ten psychologists. Find someone who connects with your family members, who may or may not also be an acquaintance.

Consult Your Family.

Can’t decide on which college to go to? Can’t pick the color of your new car? Ask your family members. Include everyone in on these small and huge life decisions. Even if you already have your heart set on it, asking for their advice won’t lead to them feeling left out and they’ll be happy with the choice you made if it makes you happy.

Talk things out.

Talking things out is very important. Instead of going on a rant on social media, maybe talk about your school problems to your parents who can guide you in the right direction. They can even give you the best romantic advice because they have been through your stage of life.

Control the gadgets.

Don’t let these gadgets control you. Make rules for everyone to put their devices away during family time. And maybe get a family selfie stick and take a picture at the end of every family activity.


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